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Terms of trade and subscription is operated by Ideal Office ApS:

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Application
    By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you apply for Virtual Office.
  2. Submission of documentation
    We are subject to the Money Laundering Act and must therefore use documentation from all the company’s real owners in order to approve the application for a Virtual Office.
  3. Signing of contract
    Once we have approved your application, you will receive a contract to sign

If the application is not approved, the full amount paid will be refunded.

If our address is used before the first period is paid, picture ID is submitted and the contract is signed , we do not comply with our money laundering obligations and the application is therefore canceled and the company is reported to the Danish Business Authority for unauthorized use of our address.

If the application is canceled due to failure to submit documentation, failure to sign a contract or if the address is used before this is permitted, amounts paid will be refunded minus an administration fee of DKK 250, – excl. VAT. (the contract contains the same information as these terms and conditions)

General information

Ideal Office ApS
Maglebjergvej 6
2800 Kongens Lyngby
CVR. Nr. 40405798
Tel: (+45) 70 555 255

Prices and payment

1. Ideal Office ApS accepts payment with VISA-Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron and Mastercard via Stripe.



4. All amounts are in DKK. Danish kroner and is exclusive of VAT.

5. The payment deadline is net cash and is due on the 1st of the month.

Ideal Office uses Stripe as a payment server, which encrypts all your card information using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that your information cannot be read. Ideal Office does not store your payment information.

7. When the payment is completed, you will receive an invoice by E-mail.

8. Rent is paid periodically in advance, handling and postage costs are paid monthly in arrears. For rental periods of 3 and 12 months, handling and postage costs are invoiced monthly.

9. At the conclusion of the agreement, the tenant gives permission for Ideal Office to carry out an automatic payment transaction for each payment period of rent and for handling costs, as well as automatic deduction of service costs

Invoice will be sent by e-mail when the payment is completed.

11. If you want to change payment card, you can change this yourself on your client portal. Ideal Office does not store your card information, only a ticket where you can see which card you use for the payment agreement.

12. It is not possible to use Maestro for subscription payment, Visa Elektron can only be used for subscription payments if your issuer (bank) allows it, contact your bank to find out if it is possible.

13. The prices set in the price list can be changed with 1 month’s notice to the 1st of a month, which, however, can not be changed during already paid periods.


1. It is the tenant’s responsibility that payment information is updated at all times, and that Ideal Office has the correct E-mail and mobile number.

In the event of non-payment, the handling of mail and parcels ceases.

3. 6 days after the due date, a reminder fee of DKK 100 will be charged.

16 days after the due date, a reminder fee of DKK 100 is imposed .

5. 19 days after the due date, the account is closed and the contract is canceled.

If our address is still used 24 days after the due date, the company will be reported to the Danish Business Authority.

The lease / Virtual office

1. The lease is located “Maglebjergvej 6, 2800 Kongens Lyngby” and is the address that may be used as the business address.

2. The tenant is in all respects responsible for ensuring that no activity is carried out in or from the lease that is in breach of public statutes, legislation or regulations.

3. The tenant also assumes sole responsibility and the risk that at the conclusion of the lease and thereafter the necessary public permits can be obtained for the use of the lease desired by the tenant.

4. If the company changes name, address, owner, or anything else, this must be reported to Ideal Office.

Mail and parcel handling

1. Be aware that value packages such as telephones are typically not handed over to the Ideal Office by the shipping operator (Post nord)

Mail and parcels must be addressed to your company, shipments addressed to private individuals will be returned.

3. Ideal Office basically only accepts packages that can be delivered in a parcel mailbox that are not accepted for general goods delivered by freight forwarder.

4. The tenant agrees with and gives acceptance that Ideal Office employees can sign for mail and packages to the company.

5. Ideal Office does not accept packages for companies that are registered in the cvr register as being under compulsory dissolution.

Packages are sent as a regular traceable package (not as a value package). Ideal Office does not take responsibility for mail or parcels that have been lost with the shipping operator (Post nord or similar).

7. It is the tenant’s responsibility at all times to have the correct name on the recipient’s address, as well as to inform Ideal Office of the correct address. Ideal Office does not take responsibility for returned letters and packages. Mail and parcels will be sent back without handling fee, however, postage will not be refunded. Tenant can change his shipping address on the client portal.

Tenants with the Pro Scan package hereby accept that Ideal Office employees open and scan mail received to the company.

Termination of Virtual Office

1. The tenant can terminate his lease by logging in to the client portal, go to the menu item “Settings” and select “Agreements and benefits and then click on” Terminate the agreement “see instructions here , or by contacting us at .

Upon termination of the Agreement, all use of the Ideal Office address shall cease. Ideal Office is entitled to invoice for rent, despite termination, if the tenant still uses Ideal Office address, for registration on and the company is registered as “active” or “normal” on

3. The landlord can terminate the Virtual Office with a notice of current month + 1 month.

4. The landlord may terminate the Virtual Office with immediate effect if the tenant grossly breaches the applicable terms, including any house rules, or defaults on his rental or mail handling payments.

5. Ideal Office reserves the right to terminate Virtual Office, with immediate effect, if it is estimated that tenant public appearances and business practices may damage Ideal Office’s reputation. Only the CEO of Ideal Office can make this decision.

The landlord is subject to the Money Laundering Act and will at all times notify the appropriate authorities in case of suspicion of possible involvement in money laundering.

Change of terms

Changes to rental conditions are notified with at least one month’s notice. In the event of significant changes, notice is given by email. For minor changes as well as changes that are not to the detriment of the tenant, no notice will be given. The current rental conditions will always be available at


If a refund has been agreed, the amount will be returned to the means of payment used for payment.

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