Why Ideal Office

As an entrepreneur I have used several different address services myself, the service has been a bit volatile, going from really nice service to virtually no service at all.

I think it’s really exciting to help entrepreneurs get started and watch them grow, and with Ideal Office address service will try to help other entrepreneurs with some of the challenges I’ve encountered myself.

As a startup it is important to take care of your money, what I was looking for was an address service or virtual office where I could have a company address and then come in and use an office or meeting room once in a while. Most options that were on the market were unfortunately office rental but only on a monthly basis, which I definitely didn’t need.

That’s why I started Ideal Office, a virtual office or office hotel if you like, where you can start with an affordable version, where the letters is sent to you once a week up to an edition where your mail is scanned immediately after receipt and posted in your personal secure folder from which you can read and download it.

Prices for our address service are extremely flexible, you will not be on a lot of money at once, you can just pay months, you want to get it as cheap as possible, you can choose to pay for 3, 6 or even 12 months at a time, it gives us less administrative work and we can therefore offer a cheaper price, see the prices in the overview. see prices in the overview.

If you look around the market a bit, you will see that there are not many that offer the same flexibility, security and price as we do.

I can’t wait to work with you.


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