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Virtual Office FAQ

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What is a virtual office?

Virtual office is the solution for entrepreneurs who do not need an expensive office premises but also do not want business address at its private address.

The virtual office where your business has an address will receive your mail and forward it to you, depending on which service or package you have chosen.

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Binding and termination

You are only bound by the period you have chosen and paid for, if you want to terminate your agreement, just let us know, the day before the next draw.
Economy and conditions

Business under cessation

We do not accept packages for companies that are registered as being discontinued, bankrupt or similar in cvr. the register, mail only and only for the period paid for.
Handling of letters and parcels

Can I create a new business at your address?

If you are going to set up your business and would like it set up at a professional address from the start, you can easily set up your business with us.All you have to do is fill in our application form and we will get the information we need to create a contract for you.Once the picture ID has been submitted, the contract has been signed and the 1st invoice has been paid, you can use our address.
general questions

Can I have my mail scanned?

If you choose the Pro scan package, we will scan your mail as soon as we receive it, so you can access it on our server, or have it sent to your Email inbox.You will be notified when there is a new post for you.
Handling of letters and parcels

Can I register a holding company with you?

You can easily register both your holding company and operating company with us, but since they are 2 independent legal entities, they must each have their own contract and rent must therefore be paid for both companies.
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Can I register secondary names with you?

It's free to register your secondary name with us.You can not register secondary names on the Startup package, if you have secondary names to register, you must select a Pro package.
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Can I use the website and marketing address?

Yes you can.A virtual office works completely as if you had a regular office - just cheaper.
general questions

Foreign companies

At present, we only offer our service to companies with a Danish CVR number.
general questions

How do you handle letters and parcels?

When we receive letters for you, we will send it on the next shipping day, if this is a public holiday, the letters will be sent on the next working dayWith the Pro Mailbox package, you can pick up your mail at Ved Klædebo 14, 2970 Hørsholm every day of the week 7 days, 24 hours a day.We do not accept pallet deliveries, only packages that can be delivered in a parcel mailbox.Please note that PostNord does not deliver value packages, such as mobile phones, to Ideal Office.
Handling of letters and parcels

Is virtual office / address service legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use an address service for your business.The office just needs to be staffed during office hours, which is why a mailbox or similar is not enough to register your business.In addition, the office hotel must be registered in accordance with the Money Laundering Act, you can check on whether your provider is, which Ideal Office is of course.
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Names change of company

If the company changes name, Ideal Office must be notified, as otherwise we will reject mail and packages for the new company name.
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In case of non-payment, we will stop handling your mail, packages will be rejected.After 10 days after the due date, the contract is terminated and it is no longer allowed to use our address, mail received is sent back to the sender.
Economy and conditions

Physical mailbox

With the Pro mailbox package, you get a physical mailbox where you can pick up your mail yourself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.You will be notified by Email when there is new mail in your mailbox so you do not run in vain.Packages that cannot be in the mailbox must be picked up during office hours.
Handling of letters and parcels

Price for handling mail

If you choose our Startup package, we handle the first letter we receive to you, every month, free of charge (+ postage), after which the handling costs DKK 30 per person. letter (+ postage).If you have chosen a Pro package, the handling of mail does not cost anything and the mail is sent for FREE.If you have chosen the Pro scan package, the scans do not cost anything.
Economy and conditions

Price for handling packages

If you choose our Startup package, the handling of packages costs DKK 30 per person. package (+ postage).If you have chosen a Pro package, the handling of packages costs DKK 10 per. package (+ postage).
Economy and conditions

Shipping mail

The mail will be sent on the day of shipment, cf. the chosen package solution. The mail is sent with Postnord.It is the recipient's responsibility that the correct name is on the mailbox and that Ideal Office has the correct address, remember to notify us of address changes.If we receive return mail, the mail will be returned without handling fee, postage will not be refunded.
Handling of letters and parcels

Why do you need a picture ID

Virtual office hotels are subject to the Money Laundering Act and are therefore required to undergo a customer due diligence procedure (KYC) so that the office hotel can identify the real owner of the company at any time.Companies that use our address without having applied, submitted a photo ID and signed a contract, will be reported to the Danish Business Authority
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