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Cheap Virtual office?

Professional company address for your business

We offer solutions for the financially responsible entrepreneur who don’t want to mix company address and private address together

What is a Virtual office?

“A virtual office is a professional business address that you can use to register your business at if you do not have the opportunity, or desire, to have the business address at your private address.

You can have your mail sent to your virtual office, where it is then forwarded, scanned or can be picked up, depending on your choice.It is possible to rent office or meeting space for longer or shorter periods.The big advantage of a virtual office is that you save a lot of money by not having expensive office space standing around if you don’t use it on a daily basis anyway.”

Your new business address:

Maglebjergvej 6
2800 Kongens Lyngby

Where do your company have an address?

Is it important to you that your business has a good and professional address?

A professional business address gives confidence in you and your brand.
Many potential customers don’t just look at Trustpilot to check your business, they also look at where your business is registered, and trust in your brand and doubts about whether you’re serious drop if they see that your business is registered on a private residence.

By using an office hotel, your business will appear credible and professional.

What our tenants say about us

Monthly payment

You can pay every month, every 3. 6th or 12th month, depending on what suits you.

No set-up fee

It does not cost anything to create a lease


Part of your rent goes to worthy causes.

No deposit

You only pay the key deposit when you choose the Pro Mailbox package.

Quick creation

Our onboarding is optimised so that you can be created the same day as you apply.

Short notice

Your lease can be terminated with 1 day notice, at the end of a period.

There are many advantages
when you choose Virtual Office at
Ideal Office
here are some of them

We support

1 –

Fill in the application form

When you fill in the application form, we get the information we need to process your application.

2 – Sign contract

You will receive a contract on your e-mail.
Read it carefully and sign digitally.

3 – Submit documentation

All beneficial owners of the company must submit:
Passport or driving licence.
Health card or officially issued document with address.
In addition, all beneficial owners must verify their identity with NemID or MitID, or via a Zoom call.

4 – Pay invoice

You will receive an invoice and a welcome email to our client portal.
Once you have registered your payment card and paid your invoice, you may use our address.

It´s really easy to apply for a Virtual Office

Prices for Virtual Office

Make it simple, pay only for the service you need.
There are packages that suit you, whether you have a hobby business or you have a business in full growth.

Choose how often you want to pay