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Virtual office

Cheaper than a permanent office,
more trustworthy than your home address.

What is a Virtual Office?

“A virtual office is a professional business address that you can use to register your business at if you do not have the opportunity, or desire, to have the business address at your private address.

You can have your mail sent to your virtual office, where it is then forwarded, scanned or can be picked up, depending on your choice.It is possible to rent office or meeting space for longer or shorter periods.The big advantage of a virtual office is that you save a lot of money by not having expensive office space standing around if you don’t use it on a daily basis anyway.”

Your new business address:

Maglebjergvej 6
2800 Kongens Lyngby

Where should your business be located?

Is it important to you that your business has a good and professional address?

A professional business address gives confidence in you and your brand.
Many potential customers don’t just look at Trustpilot to check your business, they also look at where your business is registered, and trust in your brand and doubts about whether you’re serious drop if they see that your business is registered on a private residence.

By using an office hotel, your business will appear credible and professional.

What our tenants say about us

Maria Bjergert Elgaard
Maria Bjergert Elgaard
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At Ideal Office, I have received a really good service right from the start. I have been with them for a few months now and everything is working just as I had hoped. Rico has really provided a service beyond what I could expect, which I really appreciate. He has helped me with far more than just what I pay for. So huge thanks to Rico for his patience with me.
Gabriel Marcos
Gabriel Marcos
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I have now collaborated with ideal office for several months and it has been a good collaboration right from the start. Rico goes just that step further to provide good and personal service, beyond what is expected. I needed extra help with my mail, and of course I could count on Ideal Office once again. I can and will definitely recommend Ideal Office. 5 stars from here. Isabel Sophy Rasmussen Isabel Sophy Boutique
Sebastian Beres
Sebastian Beres
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Super service! I can highly recommend Ideal Office. It all just works and then you also get super service.
Sasa Nikolic
Sasa Nikolic
10 stars for customer service
TrustpilotRead More
When we closed one company and opened a new one, we had a lot of expenses that we could not cover but top-level customer service from Rico Davidsen from Ideal Office. Understanding the situation, we found a solution immediately and they gave a sense of understanding and respect both ways. Wow, others should take example of such customer service and style, and if we all could run a business with such humanity, we would go a long way. Thank you very much and many greetings from a faithful and loyal customer who has definitely not experienced better customer service for many years. Vh Sasa, BRNDMORE ApS
Peter and Betina Leman
Peter and Betina Leman
Professional company, great customer service.
TrustpilotRead More
From the first contact until I had my lease contract, Ideal Office has shown that things are under control down to the smallest detail. Important in these times.

The level of service is unique. We, the customers, always come first and it can be felt that it is in their DNA that good customer service, presence and control of things is one of their core values. It is felt in expression and action.

I highly recommend Ideal Office.

Quick creation

Our onboarding is optimised so that you can be created the same day as you apply.

Monthly payment

No large down payments, you pay regularly every month.

No set-up fee

You do not have to pay to buy our service.

No deposit

We are quite skilled at renovating Virtual Office spaces, so no need for a deposit.


Part of your rent goes to worthy causes.

Short notice

Your lease can be terminated with 1 day notice, at the end of a period.

There are many advantages when you choose
Virtual Office at Ideal Office
here are some of them

Prices for Virtual Office

Virtual office

Denmark’s best solution for those who “just” need an address for their business.

Price per month

Kr. 298,-

Credits for room rental

Kr. 0, -

Letter handling

- Letters are sent once a week

- 1 letter is handled free of charge every month, then DKK 30 per letter. (+ postage)

Parcel handling

- Parcels are sent once a week

- DKK 30,- per package (+ shipping costs)

All prices are excl. VAT.

Virtual Office Plus

For the serious entrepreneur who wants full control.

With Virtual Office Plus you have your very own virtual mailbox, you get a notification every time you receive mail or packages, then you can decide whether your mail should be sent, scanned, destroyed or if you want to pick up the mail yourself.

You can also choose to collect parcels yourself or have them sent on the next day of delivery.

Price per month

Kr. 498,-

Credits for room rental

DKK 200,- each month
Each month you get DKK 200 to spend on room rental.
(do not accumulate)

Letter handling

- Letters are sent once a week
20 letters are sent free of charge per month (Ideal Office pays postage), then €5 per letter.
20 letters are scanned free of charge per month, then DKK 5 per letter.
Unlimited number of letters can be collected.

- Letters are kept free of charge for 7 days,
then DKK 5 per day per letter.

Parcel handling

- Parcels are sent once a week

- DKK 10,- per package (+ shipping costs)

- Packages are kept free of charge for 7 days afterwards
DKK 5 per day for a small package (max. 20 cm).
DKK 10 per day for a medium package (max. 45 cm).
DKK 15 per day for a large parcel (larger than 45 cm).

All prices are excl. VAT.

It is easy and fast
to apply for a virtual office

Fill in the application form

When you fill in the application form, we get the information we need to process your application.

Sign contract

You will receive a contract on your e-mail. Read it carefully and sign digitally.


All beneficial owners of the company must submit: Passport or driving license. Health card or officially issued document with address. In addition, all beneficial owners must verify their identity with NemID or MitID, or via a Zoom call.


You will receive an invoice and a welcome email to our client portal. Once you have registered your payment card and paid your invoice, you may use our address.

We support

Virtuelt KontorVirtuelt Kontor Plus
Pris pr. månedKr. 298,-Kr. 498,-
OprettelsesgebyrKr. 0,-Kr. 0,-
DepositumKr. 0,-Kr. 0,-
Kreditter til lokaleleje pr. månedKr. 0,-Kr. 200,-

Kreditterne udløber hver måned, hvis de ikke benyttes, du modtager 200 ny kreditter hver måned. 1 kredit = 1 krone.

Rabat på lokale leje10%20%
Håndtering af breveBreve sendes én gang om ugen.
Det er ikke muligt at hente breve selv.
Post sendes med PostNord som almindelig post.
Du modtager en notifikation når der kommer brev til dig.
Du bestemmer selv om dit brev skal sendes, scannes, destrueres eller afhentes.
Breve sendes som Quickbrev.
Pris for håndtering af breveÉt brev håndteres gratis hver måned, herefter kr. 30,- pr. brev
Lejer betaler for porto.
30 breve håndteres gratis hver måned, herefter kr. 5,- pr. brev
Udlejer (Ideal Office) betaler for porto.
Forsendelse af breveSendes tirsdag som almindelig brev med Postnord.
5 dages forsendelse.
Sendes tirsdag som Quickbrev (Danmark).
Dag til dag levering.
Håndtering af pakkerPakker sendes én gang om ugen.
Det er ikke muligt at hente pakker selv.
Du modtager en notifikation når der kommer pakker til dig.
Du bestemmer selv om du vil have pakken sendt eller om du vil afhente den.
Pris for håndtering af pakkerkr. 30,- pr. pakke
(+ forsendelsesomkostninger).
kr. 10,- pr. pakke
(+ forsendelsesomkostninger, hvis pakken ønskes sendt).
OpsigelseLejemålet skal opsiges senest 1 dag før ny periode begynder.Lejemålet skal opsiges senest 1 dag før ny periode begynder.