Referral program

Referral program

Reference program - The woman with a microphone

GIVE DKK 100 – GET DKK 100

When you refer others to our Virtual Office, we give a DKK 100 discount on your next subscription invoice, as a thank you for being an ambassador for us.

Those you refer also get a DKK 100 discount on their first subscription bill because they are so lucky to know you.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Give your friends your customer number (4 digits which is on your invoice) and your company name.
  2. When the person you have referred applies for a Virtual Office, they must enter your customer number and your company name in the application form.
  3. When the person you have referred has paid their first bill, you will subsequently have the discount deducted from your next subscription invoice.

You can refer as many as you like.

Other discounts

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