Are you allowed to do business in private residence?

The short answer is YES.


there are some things you need to be aware of before you start.

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It is generally permitted to perform liberal professions in connection with your residence, there are just some points that need to be met.

The business can´t have employees and can’t make noise, traffic or other nuisances that exceed the normal normal of a residential area.

Remember to check the municipality’s servits and local plan and see if the company complies with the applicable framework for the area.

Typically, it will be prohibited to operate a shop, craft or production company if the residential area has housing status, you must therefore contact your municipality’s technical management to get a permit and registration in bbr and the building case file for your property.

Rental accommodation

If you live in rented accommodation, you must have the landlord’s approval before you set up your business.

General leases

As a general residence basis, you may only use a general residential lease under Section 79 of the General Housing Act, there are example of permission for, e.g., day care services, contact your housing company before you start setting up your business at a private address, if you live in a non-profit housing association, otherwise you risk having your lease being terminated.

Owner-occupied or cooperative housing

Contact the owners’ association or the cooperative housing association to clarify whether it is permissible to do business, so that you do not suddenly find you with an unpleasant surprise.

If you have employees

In areas designated for residential purposes, it may be prohibited to have employees, contact the municipality before hearing about the exact rules in your area.

Remember that when you hire staff you need to prepare a workplace evaluation (APV), even if it is in a private home, but it is easy to find a template online.

What is the alternative

If you are not allowed or don’t wish to have your business registered at your private address, you can use an address service.

An address service is a virtual company address you can use to register your business, which may also be used for your marketing etc.

Is a virtual company address legal?Registration information on

Yes, but there must be a representative of your company at the address who can contact you, therefore you cannot just use a post box as a company address.

The office hotel must be registered under the Money Laundering Act, you can see this on whether your virtual office hotel is.

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