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Pro Scan package

Free scanning your mail

Pro scan package letter flow

Do you want your letters right away?

With the Pro scan package, we open and scan your letters the same day we receive them

Your letters are placed on a secure server where you can download them from.

Letters that cannot be scanned or that you need to use the original of, e.g. bank cards, registration certificates etc. we will send to you as a Quick letter, at no additional cost.


Pro Letter

Payment every month
Kr. 398 pr. month

Pro Letter

Payment every 3 months
Kr. 334 pr. month
  • (DKK 1,002 every 3 months)
    Save DKK 192

Pro Letter

Payment every 6 months
Kr. 314 pr. month
  • (DKK 1,884 every 6 months)
    Save DKK 504

Pro Letter

Payment every 12 months
Kr. 298 pr. month
  • (DKK 3,576 every 12 months)
    Save DKK 1,200