Pro Mailbox Package

Ideal Office Pro Mailbox Package

Pick up yourself your mail, in your own mailbox

Pro mailbox package letter flow

Do you live near our office?

If you live nearby or you often come by our office, you can get your own mailbox, where you can pick up your mail when it suits you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will be notified by Email when there is new mail for you so you do not have to run in vain.

  • Mail handling
    The mail is distributed to your mailbox every weekday.
    Packages that are too large must be picked up during office hours.
  • Prices for handling mail
    Handling of letters: Free
    Handling of packages: DKK 10, - pr. package
  • Creation fee
    There is no set-up fee for the Pro Mailbox package.
  • Security deposit
    A key fee of DKK 300 is paid for the key handed out,
    which is refunded when the key is returned.
  • Secondary names
    With our Pro packages you can attach up to 5 Secondary names to your account for free.
  • Referral program
    When you refer others to Ideal Office, they get DKK 100 in discount when they set up an address service and as a thank you for the referral, you also get DKK 100 in discount on your next subscription bill.
  • Termination
    You can cancel your address service with 1 day notice, we just need to be notified the day before the next payment
  • A good purpose
    With the startup package, you help to support a good cause, every quarter we distribute DKK 30 (DKK 10 per month) per. active subscriptions, to selected organizations.


every month

kr. 398 pr. month

every 3 months

kr. 334 pr. month
  • (DKK 1,002 per quarter)
  • Save 16%

every 12 months

kr. 298 pr. month
  • (DKK 3,576 per year)
  • Save 25%
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