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Pro Letter package

Free mailing

Pro letter package letter flow

Do you expect to receive letters?

The Pro letter package is perfect for you who expect to receive physical mail to some extent and who want your mail as soon as possible.

Your letters will be sent to you every Tuesday (it is possible to purchase extra shipping day).

Your letters are sent free of charge, as Quickbrev (Denmark), you pay neither postage nor handling costs.


Pro Letter

Payment every month
Kr. 398 pr. month

Pro Letter

Payment every 3 months
Kr. 334 pr. month
  • (DKK 1,002 every 3 months)
    Save DKK 192

Pro Letter

Payment every 6 months
Kr. 314 pr. month
  • (DKK 1,884 every 6 months)
    Save DKK 504

Pro Letter

Payment every 12 months
Kr. 298 pr. month
  • (DKK 3,576 every 12 months)
    Save DKK 1,200